Game of Thrones Season 5: The series so far

For those who were reluctant to take advantage of the leaked first five episodes of Game of Thrones, the current season is unravelling at a steady pace. However, fans are unexpectedly having to contend with a number of mixed emotions, with a number of characters resulting in viewers feeling complex attachments and detachments.

Characters continue to baffle and amaze in equal measure

To begin with, Daenerys Targaryen, the heroic freer of slaves, provoked outrage with the beheading of one of her popular advisors, following his killing of a former slave owner. Daenerys’ penchant for the death penalty could almost be described as the most uncomfortable moment of the season so far, had it not been for the implied consummation of Tommen Baratheon, the boy king’s marriage to a significantly older Margaery Tyrell. While it isn’t like Game of Thrones to shy away from gratuitous sex scenes, this was apparently an issue of an underage actor – and mercifully so –  because even the insinuation was enough for us to look at Margaery in a different way, whatever era her character is supposed to be set in.

Sansa, meanwhile, appears to have abandoned all principles, and is set to marry Ramsay Bolton, despite the small fact that he murdered her own brothers. The ease with which she gave into Littlefinger – having protested for all of thirty seconds against his grand plan – suggests she is indeed going to go ahead with the wedding, which makes no sense to those at home, but will presumably be explained at some point.

But we still haven’t seen enough…

This season has taken a rapid divergence from the plot of the last. Viewers will be hoping for more Tyrion Lannister, who is intermittently shown on the run and drinking unprecedented amounts after being accused of killing former king, Joffrey. Tyrion has been kidnapped at the end of episode three, almost certainly to be taken to see Daenarys, so it would appear that plot is about to thicken. It is a sharp contrast from last time around, when Tyrion was so central to the events of King’s Landing.

His brother Jaime, by whom he was freed from his cell where he was awaiting death, has also been upsettingly absent from the main narrative. Perhaps it is appropriate that the Lannisters, experiencing such a decline in fortunes, are also making ever-dwindling appearances as the battle for Westeros heats up. 

The main criticism of this season remains that it has meandered almost unrecognisably away from the books. Still, many viewers seem to be content with the fact that, seen in its own light, the show is as intriguing as it is perplexing.

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