Do women play more online bingo than men?

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Bingo is played by millions of people from all over the world and it has always been enjoyed by both genres. Having said this, this is one of the games that are frequently associated to the fairer gender, as a high number of winning played often. The reason why people assume that winning play more online bingo than men is that the balance is completely tipped for all the other casino games. Men are known for being more involved in games of chance, so bingo appears as a remarkable exception in the ecosystem.

Women are extant casual bingo players

One of the reasons why online bingo is so popular among women is that this game of chance requires no previous experience. The learning curve is silky smooth and anyone can learn the rules and master the game easily. Chance alone decides the outcome, so it doesn’t pay off to spend a lot of time at the tables, trying to get an edge over your opponent. As long as you are lucky and have the right numbers called, you will win even if it is the first time you play the game.

Women are more relaxed when it comes to gambling on slot sites and enjoy the voyage just as much as the destination. They obviously hope to win, but they know how to spend some quality time even if the gaming session doesn’t end with the desired result. Online bingo is a convenient alternative for casual players and with women representing a significant percentage of this group, the popularity of the game is easy to understand. Even before bingo emerged online, the local venues were full of enthusiastic women. 

Online bingo rooms meet women halfway

Gambling operators do everything in their power to maximize profits and they were quick to realize the popularity of bingo among women. They were happy to meet them halfway with websites that are easy to navigate, intuitive and colorful. Many of the modern bingo rooms inspired joy and there are more than a few that go out of their way to highlight the fact that they are women friendly. Positive news spreads easily, so one happy customer led to another and the popularity of bingo grew among women.

It also helps that mobile devices can be used to play bingo online and enjoy the same experience as in land-based locations. You can take your device with you wherever you may roam and play for free or real money, while being a part of an enthusiastic community. Modern mobile devices are powerful enough to run the games smoothly, so there are no technical glitches to worry about. For the casual punters, mobile gambling is the ultimate form of entertainment, hence another element for growth.

Last but definitely not least, the popularity of bingo among women can be explained by the fact that you can play the game for free. The bottom line is that even though roughly the same number of men and women play bingo online, the game is particularly popular among the latter.