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Dear Valentine’s Day

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Written by GemmHirst

Dear Valentine’s Day, I hope you are feeling good about yourself? I’m glad you are, because guess what, I’m not.

How can you sit there on the 14th February and be all smug and celebrate the joy of love with human beings?

Whenever I hear your name or even think about you, I simply want to throw up. And the reason behind that is because you make me feel sick.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of being in love and I think it’s nice that we can celebrate that and tell each other how we feel, but I ask you Mr or Mrs whatever you are Valentine’s Day – why do we have to have your day especially in our diaries?

People can spend any time of the day to say ‘I Love You’, they can buy presents and cards or take them to a nice posh restaurant. They do not need a specific day just to have the excuse to do that. So sorry Valentine’s Day, you seem a little pointless to me.

Yet actually on that note, people don’t really need to buy anybody anything to say ‘I Love You’, surely they can just say it? You see, this is what you are doing to people. Because you have a special day, people feel obliged to have to buy something for the ones they love. That is the reason why you’re so happy – you are making money from people who are crazy in love.

Thank the Lord I am not one of those people. 

But what if the day of love doesn’t go as planned? Imagine you have the perfect date and you are dressed up nicely ready to have the most romantic day of your life. But then your date doesn’t show up or you find he has a wedding ring already on his finger. That’s your Valentine’s Day ruined and for the rest of your life that experience is burned in your brain and you end up hating the day of love.

You see, if that day never even existed then people wouldn’t be afraid to love and celebrate the big day on the 14th. Ahh, how life would be simpler without you, not having the pressures of finding a date or having to spend so much money on a gift, because someone else expects it from you.

So you see Valentine’s Day, you see how much stress and upset you cause instead of love? Maybe think about that…

Kind Regards,


What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day? Is it a day to celebrate love or is it a pointless commercial holiday? Let us know in the comments below or contact us via Twitter @KettleMag