American Eagle Outfitters opens up in the UK

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Written by littlegoode

US brand American Eagle Outfitters is following in the footsteps of other American stores, such as Brandy Melville and opening up in London and Bluewater this month. The move comes conveniently just before Christmas, which will surely contribute to increasing brand awareness in the UK. The fashion chain has said there is an “enormous global appetite” for what American Eagle has to offer, and will undoubtedly be popular with many young people here.

American Appeal

Whereas the appeal for these brands used to lie in their affordability, their proven success in the UK as well as changing exchange rates between the dollar and pound, shows that Brits are now loving American brands because of their clothes, not just because of their cost. Gone are the days of travelling to the USA and stocking up on shopping – we’ve now got it all right here in the UK.

American brands and chains have famously done well in the UK, with the likes of Hollister and Forever 21 recording record successes after moves to the UK market. The fashion offered by these US stores is typically more summery than most UK high street stores, but still proves popular, especially amongst younger crowds. AE Outfitters boasts an excellent range of denim, as well as a signature style of plaid shirts and knitted accessories.

Everyone wants a piece

The brand will face competition in the UK from other popular fashion stores like H&M and Zara, but has the advantage of uniqueness on its side. With only three locations opening up, people will be clamouring to buy items of clothing from a store that is still a novelty. There has been no announcement yet about an online store for the UK, but it is sure to follow once the brand has survived its first Christmas overseas.

Reactions from fans of the brand have been highly positive on Twitter, particularly from Americans currently living in the UK:

American Eagle Outfitters opens in Westfield London on 14th November, Westfield Stratford on 17th November and Bluewater Kent on 19th November.