5 ways cosmetic dentistry can prevent teeth damage

Written by Nigel Simpkins

Even if you know about the wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatments available, you might not have considered drawing upon any until after you have damaged your teeth. Remember the saying “prevention is better than cure”? We reckon that it can apply well to your teeth.

So, maybe you should start considering taking out cosmetic dentistry treatment more proactively. Here are ways that such a move could help buttress your choppers against surprise damage.

Prevent a chipped tooth from further breaking

Picture a scenario where you accidentally chip your teeth – whether through falling over, biting a little too enthusiastically or doing something else. Within minutes, you should – provided a hospital visit wouldn’t be necessary first – book a dental appointment, Refinery29 recommends.

That’s because a chipped tooth is relatively vulnerable to further damage – much like a shattered car windshield can crack more easily than a windshield that remains in perfect condition.

Veneers can resist staining for years

Were you to chip your teeth, you could rectify that chipping with a cosmetic dental procedure like composite bonding or having veneers fitted. Your dentist could advise you on the best approach in your particular case – and, if that approach turns out to mean veneers, we’ve got good news…

Veneers are more resistant to staining than bonding, and also have the advantage of lasting much nearer a decade than bonding, which might need replacing after just a handful of years.

Dental implants can spare reductions of other teeth

Unfortunately, tooth damage you have sustained might be worse than chipping; you might even have entirely lost some teeth. Leading causes of tooth loss can include tooth decay and periodontal disease – but, whatever led to your own tooth loss, you can still turn to dental implants.

One especially notable plus point of dental implants, as highlighted by WebMD, is that – unlike a tooth-supported bridge – they won’t entail the reduction or alteration of nearby teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry can help in dental emergencies

What constitutes a “dental emergency”? It would arise were you to suffer abrupt oral damage that not only causes pain but also prevents oral activities like eating. The situation would call for a dentist’s immediate attention; otherwise, the oral damage could worsen.

It would be wrong to assume that cosmetic dentistry could not prove useful in dental emergencies, as the latter can include broken teeth and tooth loss – both of which are treatable with cosmetic procedures.

The dentist can provide aftercare, too

You don’t necessarily have to look far for a provider of cosmetic dentistry services. For example, in London, it’s straightforward to find a dentist in Clapham, Balham or Wandsworth, as these are all locations of clinics run by the practice Ten Dental.

Furthermore, as Marie Claire notes, receiving teeth bonding would require you to attend regular check-ups afterwards – due to the ease with which, otherwise, bonding could chip or stain. Rest assured, therefore, that aftercare comes as part of the package when you opt for teeth bonding.