5 things to do over the Easter weekend

Written by Hollie Rees

Easter is just around the corner, and thanks to Good Friday and Easter Monday, we can all look forward to an egg-stra (sorry) long weekend!

So, what are you actually going to do with all of this time off?! You could spend a few hours getting caught up with coursework, or maybe fit in a revision session or two…or, maybe not.

Whatever you end up doing, make sure to make the most of the Easter weekend! Here’s five suggestions from me to help you do just that.

Have eggs for breakfast

I’m not talking about poached or scrambled. Take some inspiration from Manchester’s popular cereal cafe, Black Milk, and serve up your favourite cereal in an Easter egg bowl. Chocolate milk is optional, but definitely recommended.

It’s back for three weeks only! #theeasterfeast ? someone that loves Easter ?

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Cook your very first roast dinner

Missing your Mum’s Easter roast this year? It’s the ideal time to get your mates round in an attempt to serve your very own. If the Yorkshire puddings end up being really soggy on the Sunday, you’ve got Monday to try again…

Make Creme Egg brownies

Everyone loves Creme eggs, and everyone loves brownies. This weekend is the perfect time to combine the two! Put on an apron, follow this recipe, and thank me later.

afternoon spent baking with roxie. my creme egg brownies are gooood

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Relive your childhood

When you think back to Easter as a child, what springs to mind? Maybe it’s the annual egg hunt in the garden, organised by your Dad, and open to every single kid on the street. Check this list for tips on hosting your very own slightly more grown-up version this year.

Get creative

Spending some time away from your phone and putting your energy into something creative can be very beneficial for your soul and mind. Visit Hobbycraft’s blog for some Easter-themed ideas, from ceramic egg decorations, to really cute Easter cards…