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5 alcohol activities to stop your relationship being ‘On the Rocks’

A new study has showed that couples who have similar drinking habits stay together longer. The research shows that when both people in the relationship drink they will have a more successful relationship. Therefore we thought we would put together a list of alcohol-based activities for you and your significant other. 

1. Brewery Tour

The age old go-to gift! Brewery tours usually start and end in the bar of the brewery, letting you both let off a little bit of steam together with a few pints. 

2,  Vinery/ wine tasting.

On the other, potentially classier, side of the scale is a Vinery tour and wine tasting. Vineries are beautiful and romantic on a sunny day, surrounded by greenery with a glass of wine in hand. It doesn’t get much better than that! 


3. Gin/Vodka/Beer festival

Another lively option is an alcohol festival of some kind. Filled with food, free tasters and music, this is the perfect day out for an alcohol loving couple. 

4. Cocktail making classes

If you’re looking for something more lively, cocktail making classes might be the thing for you. Most bars offer some form of master class that take place before a night out. This can be fun for just you and your other half, or a group of your loved up friends. 

5.Brewing your own beer together

Some couples bake together, some couples do crafts; maybe your thing could be brewing beer together? Imagine how impressive it will be at the next party when you proudly produce your home brew!