Tayler Finnegan

MA Journalism student. Wannabe journalist, and TV editor at Kettle Magazine.

Contributor’s Recent Activities

Peter Sallis, Wallace and Gromit
Peter Sallis: the voice that enthralled generations
After the death of actor Peter Sallis, TV editor Tayler Finnegan looks at his decade-spanning career.
Around the World, travel, Tayler Finnegan, Kettle Mag
Around the world with Tayler Finnegan
Tayler Finnegan reveals her travel tastes and aspirations.
Very British Problems
Rule Britannia: Top 5 things about being British
Tayler Finnegan looks at the top five frivolous things about being unashamedly British.
graduation, university, degree, women, Tayler Finnegan, Kettle Mag
Women's History Month: Women in education
In honor of Women's History Month, Tayler Finnegan looks at one of the most influential women you've never heard of: the first to graduate with a degree.
Madonna, pop art, Music, Women's History Month, Women, Kettle Mag, Tayler Finnegan
Women's History Month: Music's Most Influential Women
In celebration of Women's History Month, Tayler Finnegan looks at six of the most influential females in the music industry.