Stephanie Hallson

Writer for Kettle Magazine. Journalism student at University of St Mark and St John. All views are my own.

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3 simple hairstyles to try out this winter
Stephanie Hallson gives us three simple yet elegant hairstyles to try out, and how to make them durable against those bitter winter winds.
Kettle Mag: Steph Hallson
This Girl Can…Play a 'Manly' Sport
Steph Hallson discusses her experience with inequality in sport and advises others about how to beat it.
My Fitness Journey: Outrunning Diabetes.
As today is World Diabetes Day, Steph bravely talks about her battle with the disease and shares her inspirational story about how diet and exercise have helped to keep it under control.
Consent, Rape, TV, Culture, Media, Society, Women, Kettle Mag, Steph Hallson
Is television rape becoming too normalised?
The portrayal of rape being an act that is actually somewhat consensual is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Steph Hallson asks, when will television catch up with reality?
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Eight Tips For Saving Money Whilst Travelling
Looking to travel on a budget, here are some tips top help you save the pennies and spend less.