Olivia Peace

In my third year studying Journalism at the University of Lincoln. I'm a vegetarian, big animal lover, attempting blogger, and feminist. Sports editor of Kettle!

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Muirfield golf club abolishes men-only policy
For the first time in its history, Muirfield golf club have now voted to allow women to join their membership policy.
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To Walk Invisible: A Brontë Legacy
2017, 2018 and 2020 mark the 200th birthdays of Branwell, Emily and Anne Brontë. In celebration of the incredible Brontë legacy, Olivia Peace reviews BBC1's TV drama about the family - To Walk Invisible.
Kettle Mag: Olivia Peace
Female sexuality should not be used to shame women
By talking about the issue of sexuality surrounding females (particularly celebrities) in the media, we see the negativity that they face and the double standards that they are held to. Men, obviously are held to certain perceptions of beauty as well, a muscular physique perhaps, but when it comes to sexuality, women are predominantly expected to uphold an ‘image.’
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Girls Against: Where are they now?
Discussions of sexual harassment, sexual assault and groping at gigs was a topic that until October 2015 was very much under the radar. Olivia Peace looks at how far the Girls Against campaign has come since then.
Kettle Mag: Olivia Peace
7 reasons women’s football should get as much recognition as men’s
The England Women’s football team won the hearts of the nation after reaching the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup 2015, yet women’s football gets nowhere near the attention, pay, or sponsorship that the men do.