Laura Brown

Graduate of Media & Journalism with a love of music and entertainment. 

Contributor’s Recent Activities

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Festival news update
Festival season is creeping ever closer. Here's what you might have missed in the latest festival updates.
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Album Review: Get Found by Ben Marwood
Ben Marwood is back with new album Get Found. Festivals editor Laura Brown gave it a listen and shares her thoughts on the singer-songwriter's latest release.
Cotswold, food and drink, lifestyle, Laura Brown, Kettle Mag
Review: Cotswolds Cook Book
Laura Brown takes us through the highlights of The Cotswolds Cook Book and lets us in on some of the secrets of the Cotswold foodie world.
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Around the world with Laura Brown
Festivals Editor Laura takes part in our travel Q&A and gives us an insight into her journeys across the world.
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Cheltenham Jazz Festival Preview
Cheltenham Jazz Festival is back this Spring with a whole host of big talent, free fun and great food and drink. Festivals editor Laura Brown gives a taster of what to expect.