Lauren Wise

English Literature graduate and Books Editor here at Kettle. 

Milk, one sugar. 

Contributor’s Recent Activities

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What Makes a Good News Story?
In the latest Cuppa Media, Lauren Wise examines the break down of the perfect news story. How do we get the news we do, and what goes into making it?
Lauren Wise, Kettle Mag, Brenda Venus, Playboy, Magazine
Why We Need to Talk About Playboy's 'No Nudity' Decision
In this week's Cuppa Media Lauren Wise looks at Playboy Magazine and it's future as a nude free publication.
3 of the best media sources
Lauren Wise gives us her favourite 3 sources for media news; which make great starters for journalism and media news.
Lauren Wise, Kettle Mag, Delayed Gratification, Slow Journalism
Slow Journalism: Taking A Step Back
For this week's Cuppa Media Lauren Wise takes a look at a new journalism movement that's shunning the fast-paced, internet driven industry of today.
Blackfish, Seaworld, Lauren Wise, Kettle Mag, Film
Blackfish: The Film That... Made Me Want Change
Media Editor Lauren Wise tells us about why Blackfish changed the way she sees Seaworld, along with millions of other viewers.