Amy Taylor

Currently in my third year of studying journalism at Southampton Solent University. Strong interest in health, entertainment and womens rights. 

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How political leaders voted on women's issues
Amy Taylor looks at how political leaders voted on various women's issues.
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Government reject dress code change campaign
The government has rejected a petition calling on changes to dress codes. Amy Taylor explains.
Womens Liberation Movement, 1970, Washington DC
Eleven women you should know about
Throughout history, women have created ground breaking products and pioneered movements. However, there are still so many that remained unnamed and unrecognised for there work.
Kettle Mag: Amy Jo Taylor
5 reasons females who believe girls in provocative clothing are to blame for sexual assaults are wrong
Feminist Charity, the Fawcett Society, found that 1 in 3 women believed those who get drunk or wear provocative clothes should share some of the blame. However, many rapist criminals are violent and crave complete power. A Federal Commission on Crime Violence found only 4.4 per cent of all reported rape cases involved provocative behaviour.
Women in San Francisco protesting for their right to vote.
How have women's protests changed history?
Amy Taylor discusses how the Women's March in January was no exception to the past, whereby women have continuously been forced to protest for their rights and change the political landscape.