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How to help teenagers with internet, gaming & social networking addiction
children are rapidly getting addicted to gaming, internet, and social media now which is ruining their day to day routine to a great extent.
Jasmine Parr university experience
My University Experience: Jasmine Parr
Jasmine Parr shares her experience from her time at university.
The subscription box every student needs!
Student Life Editor Emmi Bowles reviews Unibox - the student survival subscription box.
Mental Health 101: Trichotillomania
Abigail Porter explains what Trichotillomania actually is.
The benefits of period sex
Period sex has been much talked about lately and is very controversial- Stephanie Hallson explains the benefits of it and why you should give it a go.
girl on lap top, kettle mag
Students are bringing bingo back, and here’s why
All over the United Kingdom, university students are embracing bingo both online and in real life. But why?
PCOS: What is it?
Carrie Jennifer explains what PCOS is and what you can do about it.
Rio Grande River, Texas
Around the world with Victoria Blake
Victoria Blake reveals her travel tastes and aspirations.
university, experience, student life, Emmi Bowles, Kettle Mag
My University Experience with Fashion Editor Cristiana
Kettle's Fashion Editor Cristiana shares her university experience in our new feature.
View of Santiago, Chile
Around the world with Cameron Ridgway
Cameron Ridgway reveals his travel tastes and aspirations.