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easter eggs, chocolate, health, Serena Reidy, Kettle Mag
Six surprising benefits of chocolate
Serena Reidy lists six benefits for your health that come from eating chocolate.
teatox, social media, culture, health, May Loonam, Kettle Mag
The social media teatox
May Loonam looks at the Teatox trend and how social media is driving it.
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How to spot an alcoholic (7 sneaky signs)
Does someone you know have a drinking problem? Find out now!
copying with heart loss, Kettle mag,
Change is temporary: coping with hair loss
When you are going through hair loss and chemotherapy treatments, share your feelings and have a strong support system made up of close family and friends.
muscle definition, kettle mag
A weightlifting vegan’s diet for adding muscle
With the right diet plan, being a weightlifting vegan doesn’t have to be oxymoronic. Being mindful of these foods will boost your mood and help you gain muscle.
Mental Health 101: Trichotillomania
Abigail Porter explains what Trichotillomania actually is.
PCOS: What is it?
Carrie Jennifer explains what PCOS is and what you can do about it.
Six things you should know before converting to contacts
Are you debating on whether or not to try out contact lenses? If so, then why not take a look at our six tops tips on everything you need to know before making that change.
Kettle tries... the Fitbit Blaze
Usually I am skeptical when trying new fitness techniques. I started running cross country when I was 13, and have moderately kept up with the sport ever since. However, College and life moved on and my motivation to stay fit has not, this is my experience trying to stay fit, with a Fitbit Blaze.
The amazing benefits of garlic
Do you find yourself getting sick often? Do you get a flu whenever you get caught in the rain, can