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Farming Simulator 2017, Review, Farming, Gaming, Entertainment, Kettle Mag, Alex Jolly
Farming Simulator 2017 review – Channel your inner Old McDonald
Entertainment editor Alex Jolly reviews Farming Simulator 2017.
Sony, PS4, Mods, Skyrim, Gaming, Entertainment, Kettle Mag, Alex Jolly
Sony screws the pooch with PS4 modding
Entertainment editor Alex Jolly discusses Sony's new PS4 mods.
Mordheim, City of the Damned, Review, Gaming, Console, Classic, Entertainment, Kettle Mag, Alex Jolly
Mordheim: City of the Damned review
How well does the tabletop classic translate to console? Entertainment editor Alex Jolly reviews.
Battlerite, Preview, Competitive Gaming, Game, Gaming, Entertainment, Kettle Mag, Alex Jolly
Battlerite preview - The next big thing in competitive gaming
Battlerite blazes into the scene and garners 200,000 players in just a few weeks of Early Access. Entertainment editor Alex Jolly previews.
Windscape, Preview, RPG, Game, Gaming, Entertainment, Holly Jane, Kettle Mag
Windscape preview - One to watch
Windscape is a very promising RPG, but it currently doesn't justify a purchase.
Syndrome, Review, Horror, Game, Gaming, Entertainment, Kettle Mag, Jessica James
Syndrome review - Horror game or horrible experience?
A solid concept and experience which is ultimately let down by its glaring optimisation issues. Jessica James reviews.
Political animals, interview, Ryan Sumo, EGX, Squeaky Wheel, US Election, Games, Gaming, Entertainment, Kettle Mag
Political Animals: An interview with Ryan Sumo
Positech Games. Probably best known for Democracy, Kudos, and Gratuitous Space Battles. Recently, however, the developers have branched out to publish a new type of game. Along with their collaborators Squeaky Wheel, the duo have created an adorable election simulation game to coincide with the U.S elections.
Seasons After Fall, Review, Swing Swing Submarine, Game, Gaming, Entertainment, Kettle Mag
Seasons After Fall review - Beautiful but ultimately leaves you wanting
Swing Swing Submarine has created a outstanding looking game, that sadly outstays its welcome.
Clustertruck, review, trucking, fun, games, gaming, entertainment, Kettle Mag, Alex Jolly
Clustertruck review – Trucking good fun
Explosive mayhem in Landfall Games' newest release. Alex Jolly reviews.
SEUM, Speedrunners from Hell, Review, Pine Studios, Gaming, Entertainment, Kettle Mag
SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell Review
Devilishly good fun from Pine Studio's first release.