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We need to start calling white mass shooters what they really are: terrorists
Chris Hague considers the media coverage surrounding Alexandre Bissonnette and the issue of terrorism.
Trumps pipeline, kettle mag,
Trump's Environmental Disaster
Donald Trump has given the go ahead to two pipelines, via executive order that allowed him to bypass any environmental enquiries, that were suspended under the Obama administration.
Women in San Francisco protesting for their right to vote.
How have women's protests changed history?
Amy Taylor discusses how the Women's March in January was no exception to the past, whereby women have continuously been forced to protest for their rights and change the political landscape.
Manchester Anti-Trump Protest: 30th January
Charlie Bradford-Gibbs gives us her perspective of Monday evening's anti-Trump protest
Forgotten about Yemen, kettle mag,
Why we've forgotten about Yemen
There's a war going on in Yemen... not that you'd know.
Anti-Trump protesters
A reluctance to report? Trump Administration accused of cracking down on journalists
Media Editor Cameron Ridgway investigates the arrest of seven journalists during Trump's inauguration.
small business, kettle mag,
Clever ways your small businesses can run as efficiently as its larger competitors
Discover how to ensure your small business is running as efficiently as its larger competitors.
Kettle Mag: Steph Hallson
Why menstrual inequality needs to stop
Steph Hallson discusses why menstrual inequality needs to stop and the petitions striving for progress.
How to keep your employees happy at work?
some top tips to ensure your workforce is a happy one.
invest in HR software, Kettle mag
Is it time to invest in HR software?
If you regularly recruit people then perhaps it's time to start using specialist HR software.