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Theresa May, Conservatives, politics, Amy Taylor, Kettle Mag
What does the Conservatives manifesto mean for you?
The Conservatives have focused in introducing new taxes, upping personal allowance as well as making changes to the current education system.
Notebook and phone, profession, journalism, Cameron Ridgway, Kettle Mag
Journalism: A stressful profession?
Media Editor Cameron Ridgway considers the results of a recent study on the stresses facing those working in journalism.
Jeremy Corbyn, Labour, politics, William Sancroft, Kettle Mag
What does Labour's manifesto mean for you?
Political editor William Sancroft looks at the manifesto released this week by the Labour Party.
newspapers, glasses, politics, round up, William Sancroft, Kettle Mag
The weekly political round up
Political editor William Sancroft looks at the stories that made the political headlines this past week.
The White House, Donald Trump, United States, William Sancroft, Kettle Mag
A bad week for the Trump Administration
Political editor William Sancroft considers the past week for US president Donald Trump and the circle of events at The White House.
voting, general election, politics, Alex Veeneman, Kettle Mag
The need to vote in #GE2017
Alex Veeneman explains the importance of voting in the forthcoming general election.
Downing Street, Britain, politics, Amy Taylor, Kettle Mag
#GE2017: new pledges made by main parties
Amy Taylor examines the latest pledges from the main political parties.
Broadcasting House, BBC, journalism, media, Alex Veeneman, Kettle Mag
Impartiality: More than just reporting
Alex Veeneman considers the journalistic principle of impartiality, and amidst criticism on concerns, why the BBC's work is still important.
journalism, truth, reporting, media, Alex Veeneman, Kettle Mag
The need for truth in the digital age
Alex Veeneman reflects on the importance of journalism in the digital age, and in spite of all its challenges, why a career in it is so important.
Brexit, EU referendum, politics, Amy Taylor, Kettle Mag
How the political parties stand on Brexit
Amy Taylor looks at the stances the political parties have taken on the referendum on the UK's EU membership - Brexit.