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Womens Liberation Movement, 1970, Washington DC
Eleven women you should know about
Throughout history, women have created ground breaking products and pioneered movements. However, there are still so many that remained unnamed and unrecognised for there work.
George Osborne, Evening Standard, journalism, Alex Veeneman, Kettle Mag
George Osborne and the matter of facts
As George Osborne prepares to take the editorship of the London Evening Standard, Alex Veeneman reflects on the importance of the truth, as the line between news and comment becomes blurred in the digital age.
America's Witches Are Coming for Trump
Current Affairs Editor Shauna Crossan looks at the Witches who are taking on Trump. As well as an interview with Jessica White, self-proclaimed Witch.
Kettle Mag: Rae Coppola
Women’s History Month: Top 10 inventions created by women
For Women's History Month 2017, women’s editor Rae Coppola looks at the best random inventions created by women, even if their patents were registered under a male name.
Sales of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four surge in light of Donald Trump's Presidency staff
Are we about to see Nineteen Eighty-Four become a reality?
Chuck Grassley, politics, world, United States, Ryan Fajet, Kettle Mag
US Senate votes to reduce background checks
The United States Senate has voted to repeal a rule that barred the mentally ill from buying guns. Ryan Fajet reports.
We need to start calling white mass shooters what they really are: terrorists
Chris Hague considers the media coverage surrounding Alexandre Bissonnette and the issue of terrorism.
Trumps pipeline, kettle mag,
Trump's Environmental Disaster
Donald Trump has given the go ahead to two pipelines, via executive order that allowed him to bypass any environmental enquiries, that were suspended under the Obama administration.
Women in San Francisco protesting for their right to vote.
How have women's protests changed history?
Amy Taylor discusses how the Women's March in January was no exception to the past, whereby women have continuously been forced to protest for their rights and change the political landscape.
Manchester Anti-Trump Protest: 30th January
Charlie Bradford-Gibbs gives us her perspective of Monday evening's anti-Trump protest