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Social media icons, mental health, Cameron Ridgway, Kettle Mag
The effect of social media on mental health
Cameron Ridgway considers the findings of a new report on the relation between social media use and mental health.
books, films, adaptations, culture, Costanza Pearce, Kettle Mag
Watching film adaptations with an open mind
Costanza Pearce explores how book lovers can enjoy the films that are based on them.
Slam Dunk Festival, music, culture, festivals, Laura Brown, Kettle Mag
Slam Dunk Festival Preview
Festivals Editor Laura Brown looks ahead to some highlights of bands performing at the Slam Dunk festival.
Bridget Jones, film, culture, Abigail Porter, Kettle Mag
Seven films to watch as a break from revision
Abigail Porter lists her top seven films that are great for a well-needed exam break.
talking, mental health, Academy, students, Alex Veeneman, Kettle Mag
All you have to do is talk
Alex Veeneman reflects on why talking is a meaningful way to help with stress and mental health.
classic, album, feature, music, kettle mag, matthew gladstone
Classic Album of the Month: Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space
On Spiritualized's 1997 magnum-opus, genre-twisting grooves and themes of romantic despair and sorrow still resonate 20 years on. Matthew Gladstone elaborates on the album's success.
heart, love, Yours Always, books, culture, Holly Jones, Kettle Mag
Book Review: Yours Always
Holly Jones reviews Yours Always, a heartwarming, tear jerking book full of love letters.
books, literature, reading, e-books, culture, Natalie Fordham, Kettle Mag
Why the e-book's decline isn't a bad thing
Natalie Fordham considers what the decline of the e-book says about the role of traditional books.
Stephanie Hallson, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Kettle Mag
Book Review - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Stephanie Hallson reviews The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson.
Cheltenham Jazz Festival, festivals, culture, Laura Brown, Kettle Mag
Cheltenham Jazz Festival Review
Festivals editor Laura Brown headed along to this year's Cheltenham Jazz Festival for a taste of the renowned music festival.