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The Last Royal Capital
Kinga Szilagyi does a follow up on the rest of her trip to Myanmar in February.
The flatform trend and how to wear it
Have a look at this trend...
Nour Hassaine, Gemma Weekes, Love Me, Book Review, Kettle Mag
Review: Love Me by Gemma Weekes
Nour Hassaine reviews 'Love Me' by Gemma Weekes, a 'he loves me, he loves me not' romantic novel that is well worth a read.
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General Election 2017: How important was the youth vote in the results?
In the aftermath of the UK General Election, Sidrah Zubair discusses the influence that young voters may have had on the final result and its importance.
10 Songs to Kickstart the Next Revolution
In this time of divided politics, we have come up with the perfect soundtrack to get you through the day. Mica Soellner picks out ten of the best revolutionary songs.
Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque, Beirut
Lebanon: Gateway to the Middle East
How to start travelling the Middle East, as a student
Cheltenham Science Festival Review
Cheltenham Science Festival returned to the town for another jam packed programme of hands on events and talks from some of the top names in science. We headed along for just a taster of what the festival had on offer.
Tabloid newspapers, media, journalism, Cameron Ridgway, Kettle Mag
Are tabloids losing their political influence?
Media Editor Cameron Ridgway considers the political role of tabloid newspapers in light of the result of a hung parliament in last week's General Election.
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She's staying, come what May
On Thursday over 30 million people took to the polls in the largest turnout since 1992. Theresa May called a snap election, confident that she would be increasing her party’s majority and ending Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership once and for all. Unfortunately for Mrs May, it all came crashing down with a resounding bang.
Suffrage in the UK – a brief study of the history of the vote
Sidrah Zubair presents a brief history of suffrage and how it was achieved for both men and women in the UK.